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South Arkansas State University (Camden, AK) Southern States Correctional Association (New Orleans, LA) Lawrence University (Appleton, WI) National Petrochemical and Refiners Association (Houston, TX) FBI National Academy (Baltimore, MD) -USAF Special Opperation School and Association of Former Intelligence Officers (Washington, DC) FBI Academy (Quantico, VA) Sony Music Entertainment,  Citigroup's Smith Barney, Mystery Writers Association, Fordham University Law School and Albert Einstein College of Medicine (New York City, NY) John F. Kennedy International Airport (Jamacia, NY) American School for the Deaf (West Hartford, CT) University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA) US Probation Department (Montauk, NY) New Jersey Police Intelligence Division (Trenton, NJ)   New Jersey Food Council (Woodbridge, NJ) Crime Stoppers International (Mobile, AL) University of Colorado (Boulder, CO)  Honeywell Corporation (Las Vegas, NV) Americas Truth Forum (Dallas, TX) The Jewish Federation of Greater Phonex (Phonex, AZ) Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (Seattle, WA) Crime Stoppers International (Virginia Beach, VA) The Leadership Institute (Arlington, VA) New York State Hospital Education Fund (Rochester, NY) New York State Emergency Management Association (Elmira, NY) Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (Louisville, KY) American Society of Criminology (Chicago, IL) New York State Hostipal Fund (Albany, NY) Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (Cincennati, OH) International Association for the Study of Organized Crime (Boston, MA) Mount Holyoke College (South Hadley, MA) Newport Naval Base (Newport, RI) US Customs Service (Delray Beach, FL) US Probation Department (Cocoa Beach, FL) American Society of Criminology (San Francisco, CA) David Horowitz's Freedom Center (Los Angeles, CA) Texas A & M University (College Station, TX) U.S. Special Forces Command, Fort Bragg, Fayetteville, NC  Saginaw Valley State University (Saginaw, MI)

"I would like to express my heartiest gratitude for your visit in The National Security Bureau and your interesting lecture during a meeting on 3rd of December 2008 at Belweder, Warsaw. Your presence here was a great chance to exchange views and opinions on matters of our interests. I firmly believe that we will have an opportunity to develop a fruitful cooperation and your visit will be the best prediction of our good relations for the future."

Wladyslaw Stasiak
Head of the Presidential Chancellery
Office of the President
Republic of Poland

"Please do consider coming to Poland in September and giving a paper on human rights and freedoms in the light of contemporary terrorist threats. Needless to say, your visit to our country and your participation in the conference would become an important event in the Polish intellectual life."

Janusz Kochanowski
Commissioner of Civil Rights Protection
Republic of Poland

"Harvey is a good friend and long-time anti-terror expert who was among the very first to warn of al Qaeda, well before 9/11."  

Peter King (R-NY)
United States House of Representatives
Washington, DC

"I appreciate everthing you did to help make the National Commission on Terrorism a reality."  

Frank R. Wolf (R-VA)
United States House of Representatives
Washington, DC

"Thank you so much for visiting and speaking at the Command today. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to be with us."  

John F. Mulholland
Lieutenant General, United States Army
Commanding General
United States Army Special Operations Command
Fort Bragg, NC

"Harvey Kushner is, simply put, the best terrorism analyst in the business.  I've worked with Harvey for ten years on television and radio.  His knowledge of homeland security issues and grasp of the geopolitical threats facing the United States has given my viewers and listeners a deep insight into the crucial issues of our time.  His book, "Holy War on the Home Front" is a chilling tour of the "dangerous neighborhood" where we now find ourselves. He makes it clear that complacency may be our greatest enemy.

Harvey is always articulate, prepared, and most conveniently for me in the news business, available at seemingly all hours. If you need to know anything about the war on terror, should be your first and last stop." 

Dick Brennan
Chief Political Correspondent
Fox 5 News
New York, NY 

"Professor Harvey Kushner's research is a benchmark in the study of the ongoing war on terror. His academic excellence and his thorough analysis of the Jihadist ideology, strategies and tactics are a necessary component of the national effort to understand the threat and find the appropriate response on several levels of engagement. A special effort is required in America's classrooms and court rooms to enhance the understanding of the real root causes of terror. Professor Kushner is one of the pioneers in this crucial field."

Professor Walid Phares
Director, Future Terrorism Project
Foundation for the Defense of Democracies
Washington, DC

“Dr. Kushner is in a class by himself. During my tenure as the Chief U.S. Probation Officer in the Eastern District of New York (1997-2004), I relied on Dr. Kushner's expertise as a consultant on a number of projects. Most significantly, I will never forget the training he provided to my staff regarding terrorism. It was 1998 and he predicted that Islamic Extremists would attack the United States on our own soil. He immediately was criticized but tragically his prediction came to pass three years later.

Dr. Kushner consistently provided invaluable training, insights and analysis. Thanks to his expertise, especially in the area of terrorism and the identification of the most violent criminals, our office became the model to other districts in the area of supervision of the most dangerous offenders.”

James M. Fox
Chief U.S. Probation Officer (ret.)
United States Probation Department
Eastern District of New York
Brooklyn, NY

“I want to take this opportunity to thank and commend Professor Harvey Kushner for his recent speaking engagement at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Professor Kushner addressed a diverse group which included representatives of the U.S. Secret Service, the U.S. Customs Service, the U.S. Marine Corps, and the FBI. Dr. Kushner’s remarks regarding the changing face of terrorism were most timely, useful, and informative. His excellent sense of delivery and presentation demonstrates why he is in such demand as a public speaker.”

Joseph R. Wolfinger
Assistant Direct in Charge
FBI Academy
Quantico, VA

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise on terrorism which is so topical at this period of time. Your perspective of aspects as a whole was of relative significance."

Lawrence A. Ostrowski
Civil Aviation Security Division
Federal Avation Administration
Jamacia, NY

"Your presentation was very informative and enlightening for the pretrial staff. Many commented about the value of the information you discussed and how it can begin to help the officers in the performance of their investigation and supervision duties."

Cynthia Lawyer
Chief Pretrial Service Officer
U.S. Disrict Court
Eastern District of New York
Brooklyn, NY

"Many call themselves terrorism experts these days, but Kushner was around when the subject didn't have sizzle and rates a spot near the top of the list."

James Kallstrom
Assistant Director of the New York Office (ret.)
New York, NY

“As our college was preparing for its annual distinguished speakers series, we considered what the most relevant topic of the day would be for our students and community. The threat of terrorism was a natural topic, especially since the college houses a fire training division, the state law enforcement academy is located nearby, and many defense-related industries are in our community. We were able to put together a program featuring Dr. Kushner. The breadth and depth of insight that Dr. Kushner brought to the program, particularly his inside knowledge of the complexities of the legal battle against terrorism, opened the eyes of our audience to the very real threat we face as a nation and civilization. Dr. Kushner is on the front lines of this battle, disseminating a greater understanding about terrorism and the action we must take to combat it.”

Robert D. Gunnels
Vice Chancellor for Extended Education
Southern Arkansas University Tech
Camden, AR

“Dr. Harvey Kushner is very well respected within the Suffolk County Police Department. When asked, he has never hesitated to generously give of his time, talents, and wealth of wisdom and knowledge to assist our police department. Dr. Kushner has addressed SCPD commanders and operational personnel, sharing relevant and timely information on the history of terrorism and current trends in Homeland Security, WE, the police profession, have found his knowledge of the threat environment, and analysis of risks that face us, very helpful in educating police professional policy makers, strategists, and tacticians. Dr. Kushner's selfless sharing of his time and expertise has been a great benefit to the Suffolk County Police Department and associated Homeland Security agencies.”

Richard Dormer
Suffolk County Police
Yaphank, NY 

“Harvey Kushner cut through all the wishful thinking and self-delusion about the threat Americans face from global terrorism. He showed us – not with vague rhetoric but cold, hard facts – that we are in imminent danger from those who hate us not for what we have done, but for what we stand for. I doubt anyone in our audience will forget his talk.”

Jerald Podair
Robert S. French Professor of American Studies
Lawrence University
Appleton, WI

“On behalf of the FBI Counterterrorism Division’s Fly Away Team, Counterterrorism Operational Responses Section, I would like to extend my appreciation for your insightful presentation to the Fly Team.

I can say with supreme confidence that everyone in attendance benefitted from your experience. Your foresight and knowledge are valuable resources for our mission to advance the security of our country. You have been, and continue to be, an asset to the FBI’s counterterrorism efforts.”

William A. Kurtz
Unit Chief
Fly Team Unit
Counterterrorism Division
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Washington, DC

“I am delighted to extend the appreciation of the CNO’s Strategic Studies group for your most interesting and thought provoking discussion on the United States’ response to terrorism. Your assessment of America’s challenge in dealing with terrorism within our boarders has given the Group a compelling perspective to consider. As Concept Generation Teams go forward in research, you have given them much to consider!

Thanks for providing your insights in this important area. Your session generated lots of discussion that will echo in Simms Hall throughout this year’s program.”

James R. Hogg
Admiral, USN (ret.)
Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group
Newport, RI



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